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Rich Mt. Jefferson Porter

April 7, 2010

My third attempt at making a good porter, many happy tasters have shown that this one finally succeeded.  After two lackluster attempts (one being an utter failure due to me dumping 1/2 of the specialty grains in the trash) I greatly increased the amount of specialty grains in this (attempting the shotgun method) and it worked out.  Of course as all of my beers tend to do, I was brought back to center on my opinion of it near the end of the batch’s bottles.  I’m thinking the reason for that happening in this case is mainly due to the really solid beers I’ve brewed since.  Unlike my impression in the beginning, I’ve noticed some real alcohol flavor in the later bottles.  With a relatively low ABV, I’m fearing that it may be some fusel alcohol coming through.


Adapted from Main Street Brew’s Mt. Jefferson Porter



Aroma (9/12):  Nice chocolatey, slightly roasty

Appearance(3/3):  Very dark, good head.

Flavor(14/20):  More chocolatey and slight roastiness, some alcohol sharpness (possibly too much for the ABV – fusels? => -1 pt.).  A very rich porter.  Very light hop flavor with solid bitterness to counter the heavy malt richness.

Mouthfeel (5/5):  Nicely thick and “chewy”.

Overall (9/10):  Excellent porter with possibly too much alcohol flavor (though the ABV is pretty low @ ~4.8%).  Could this be due to some fusel (“hot”) alcohol that’s mostly covered by the rich chocolate and roast flavors?


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