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Summer Pale Ale (All-grain)

May 15, 2010

Another of my 3 styles to perfect for a summer brew, this pale ale is my second iteration of it.  The first (an extract) came out too bland on the malt profile and too aggressive on the hops.  This version (my very first all-grain attempt) ended up handling the malt issue, but overcompensated on the hops, leaving a decent drink, but not a good pale ale.


BeerSmith Recipe



Aroma (5/12):  Hop aroma almost completely lacking (dry hopping would have certainly helped).

Appearance(2/3):  Slight haze, but very nice color.

Flavor(12/20):  Lightly caramel with moderate sweetness (maybe a tad oversweet).  Lack of hop flavor (and aroma) significantly detracts from this beer’s flavor.

Mouthfeel (5/5):  Dry, light.

Overall (7/10):  Pretty decent, but not enough hop flavor or aroma (could also do with a tad more bittering).

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