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Wee Heavy Scottish

May 16, 2010

After listening to a lot of The Brewing Network, I had decided that a good way to improve my beer was to finally get experienced beer drinkers (specifically judges) to taste it.  Looking at my club’s competition schedule, I saw that the June meeting’s competition style was scottish, so I set about formulating a recipe to get what I wanted.  Having brewed a scottish several months prior (Main Street Brew’s Loch Ness Scottish) I decided to start with that as a base.  Being an extract-based recipe, I had to convert it to all-grain (and I think I made a few other minor alterations).  Seeing the OG on it, I dubbed it a Wee Heavy.  My first two samples of it were unequaled in my previous brews.  Of all my other good brews, I had to give them a few tries to really get to love them.  This one on the other hand, was awesome from the first.  Strangely enough though, my final bottles didn’t wow me as much.  Just as my previous brews, time had brought me back toward center on it.  By the time I drank the last ones, I was beginning to shift away from the big malty beers and saw this Wee Heavy as a bit too far to the malt side of the hop/malt balance.  I’m not sure how my own personal preferences have allowed me to unbiasedly judge this beer, so I’ll luckily get that unbiased opinion once it’s judged (whenever the club gets around to doing that…)


BeerSmith Recipe


Aroma:  Very nice aroma, a little sweetness with something I attribute to the aroma associated with melanoidin.  Taking off points because it may be too sweet.

Appearance:  Nice clear, amber hue.  Maybe a little too dark?

Flavor:  Very nice sweetness (melanoidin?) with some toffee butteriness.  Hint of alcohol that is hidden well by the other flavors.  No hop flavor to speak of, but the bitterness balances the malt fairly well (could probably use a tad more and have a good/better beer).  Taking off points due to sweetness and possibly too little bitterness to balance.  These might both be addressed with a little more carbonation?

Mouthfeel:  Very full, smooth body.  Could maybe use a *little* more carbonation.

Overall:  I love this beer.  The 1 gallon’s worth (minus the competition bottles and waste) will NOT be enough.  Luckily I plan on making a 2 gallon 60 /- soon.

Final Note

I never did hear back on how it did in “competition.”  The awesome social-club-posing-as-a-brewing-club failed to judge and report results.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they never got picked up from the cart I left them on.  If they did, I’m sure they ended up in the trash without ever being tasted.  It’s a real shame, ’cause I liked them.


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