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Summer ESB (All-Grain) Brew

May 19, 2010

Of the 3 styles I tried to brew in small batches to perfect as summer brews to bring home and share with my family (Pale Ale, Red, & ESB) the ESB was the one I was most excited about. Of all of my initial brews – from my first Mr. Beer recipe through the porters I did in early 2010 – an ESB brew (the Big Ben Bitter from Main Street Brew Shop) was my best and I was hoping to achieve an even higher level with my iterations on it. Unfortunately that hasn’t really panned out, and I’ll try to get around to filling out what I believe to have been the shortcomings in achieving this so far in the future. For now, all I have to present is the recipe.


My all-grain recipe that represents my second iteration (the first was extract before I was using BeerSmith)

BeerSmith Recipe

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