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May 30, 2010

Why am I creating this blog?

This series of blogs is to create a central repository of my gathered knowledge and narratives of my experiences.  This isn’t expected to be useful for anyone else, but I think it will be helpful for me to have this knowledge easily available and if someone else gets use from it, is icing.  With my history of similar projects, we’ll see how long it lasts.  I saw mention of a couple people starting blogs on and it seems that they quickly died.

Why a blog instead of some brewing software?

I do use BeerSmith (and you’ll see my recipes are generated from it) but it’s just not conducive to long narratives or accumulation of random tidbits of knowledge.  Maybe I don’t know how to use it properly, but that’s been my experience.  Plus it’s been really flaky on my linux machine via Wine, which happens to be the machine that’s easily accessible on my brew days so I don’t want to be dealing with those issues when trying to organize my thoughts.

Where does my information come from?

Though I don’t expect others to really see this blog, the fact that it’s on the internet means I need to try to not misrepresent myself.  Pretty much every bit of knowledge here was gained from someone else’s experiments and teachings.  I don’t do any technical experimentation of my own (though I expect through continued brewing, I’ll gain some intuitions).  To date, most of this is from Jamil Zainesheff and John Palmer’s Brew Strong show on The Brewing Network and the Jamil Show.  Additionally, the Mr. Malty website (also Jamil’s) has accounted for some other information.  Last, but not least I’ve gained a significant amount of knowledge from miscellaneous posts on  So much so, that I created an account to try to pay back that community with some of my collected knowledge (look for smallbatch if you’re interested).

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