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Summer Pale Ale (All-grain, Liquid Yeast)

June 6, 2010

This, my third iteration on the summer pale ale, expanded on the previous attempt (an improvement from extract to all-grain) by using liquid yeast.  In an attempt to save money (a common theme with me) I used the White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002) so I could split one vial between my ESB and pale ale.

Along with using liquid yeast, I tried once again to get the hopping correct on this.  The extract version was too hoppy while the all-grain was not enough.  As it turned out, this time the hop bitterness and flavor worked out very well (though my next attempt will attempt to improve the aroma).


BeerSmith Recipe



Aroma (7/12):  Nice caramel aroma, but still not enough hops.  I think I may be forced to do some dry hopping (unless my Evil Twin attempt comes out well in this category – though I’m considering dry hopping it anyway).

Appearance(3/3):  Brilliantly clear (thanks to Whirlfloc) and very nice yellow-copper (more yellow) color.  I was amazed with the clarity at bottling.  Like I had bottled plain water.

Flavor(14/20):  Nice light malt profile.  Simple with some caramel.  Hop flavor needs to step in and assert itself though to compensate for the simple malt profile (which is probably why it’s traditionally a hoppy style).

Mouthfeel (5/5):  Light, dry, smooth.  A little bit of biting carbonation, but I think it’s to style.  Overall, I think the mouthfeel is just as it should be.

Overall (8/10):  A very drinkable beer.  Could easily drink multiple without tiring the palate.  I just still need to make the hop presence more assertive.  The bittering seems just about right (though it wouldn’t hurt if it was more), so I think I just need to work on flavor and aroma.

Misc. – There is some lacing present on the glass this time (thank you Cara-Pils?)

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