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Scottish 60/- Brew

June 20, 2010


BeerSmith Recipe

Brew Day (6/20/2010)

Bottling (7/3/2010)


30/50 – it could be better if it was to be graded to style, but since I don’t know how the style should really taste, I’m just going based on my enjoyment of it.

Aroma (6/12):  Faint caramel-ly aroma similar to the wee heavy, but very faint.

Appearance(3/3):  Very clear, dark reddish-brown. (NOTE:  the bottle I’m grading from was from the fermentor that had a lot of break material in it, so I’m pretty pleased that it came out so clear)

Flavor(12/20):  Very faint malt presence.  No hops to speak of – flavor or otherwise, though the minimal malt presence is easily balanced by what bitterness there is.

Mouthfeel (3/5):  Very thin and light.

Overall (6/10):  This may be what a 60/- is supposed to taste like.  It’s very thin and watery.  Not something I’ll likely make again (unless I find out it’s a poor example of the style and that it should be better).  I think I’ll stick with the 80/- and greater.  I have found that this is good mixed with a commercial wee heavy that I bought (Erie Brewing’s Ol’ Red Cease and Desist) that’s a ridiculous 10.1% ABV.  Separate neither is that good (the 60/- too watery and the Ol’ Red too heavy on the alcohol) but together they make something pretty decent (less malty and heavier alcohol than my Wee Heavy, but still pretty good).

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