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Revving Back Up

September 6, 2010

Now that we’re back in Madison and – more importantly – my beer supply is almost non-existent (I only have 2 bottles of my Dusseldorf Alt left), I’m ready to get back to brewing.  It’s been a while since my last batch and even longer since I visited the brew shop here.  Hopefully I don’t find it lacking compared to what I’m now used to.

To start things off, I think I’ll go with a good old scottish ale.  I was a little disappointed with the 60/- experiment (though I warmed up to the results near the end) so I’m going heavier this time.   Instead of scrapping Jamil’s recipe for Main Brew’s Loch Ness derivative, I’m gonna give it another go, but primarily just increase the base malt (as Jamil suggests to push it into the other categories).  In order to make the numbers round, I’ve also bumped up most of the others, but their effect should be negligible.

So, keep posted (obviously I’m just talking to myself here) and hopefully I’ll have something good to show for it in a few weeks.  In the meantime, I just might have to resort to growlers from the Great Dane…  Sometimes grievous sacrifices just have to be made 🙂


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