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Test Porter Brew

September 12, 2010


After my Scottish ‘Tweener Brew came out with an efficiency way lower than expected and I am suspicious of the Wine and Hop Shop’s mill coarseness setting, I’m going to do a quick 1-gallon batch of porter before I try to brew my competition porter.  I’m doing the 1-gallon size due to the fact that I’ll have a 1-gallon jug available since the Scottish is only taking 2 of them.  Also, it will be nice to have something to brew for the second weekend in a row and I’ll get an iteration of porter done to allow me to make some modifications to the competition version if brew day gives me reason to.

One thing to remember:  if the gravity is significantly off again, I’d like to try to add DME to get the gravity up.  It will be interesting to see how this affects flavor (i.e. if I’ll notice at all), because obviously the proportion of specialty grains will be lower than originally planned.


BeerSmith Recipe


Fermentation started slow and steady by the next morning.  It has continued for a day and a half or so now with temperature fluctuating between 65.5 and 67F (according to my new, trusty RT-600C).  Although it was pretty slow and steady, it flowed over into the airlock more than any of my other brews so far.  After less than a day fermenting, the airlock water turned brown from beer pushing up through it.  I removed the top cap of the airlock to prevent pressure from building up.  Once things slow down considerably I’ll take off the airlock, clean and replace it.


This seems like it could be a solid base for a fruit beer.  The nice solid bitterness with the slight roastiness and lingering sweetness could match well with raspberry.  Hopefully the follow-up Brown Porter increases the roastiness, though.


Aroma (7/12):  Bit roasty, faint toffee smell.  Pretty nice, but not as strong as I’d like.

Appearance(2/3):  Nicely dark, but you can see through it.  Turns a deep red when light shown from behind.  Seems pretty clear.  Initial head isn’t the nice porter type.  The bubbles are a little big and therefore the head is a little darker brown than ideal.  The head dissipates very fast.  It was basically gone before I could rinse out the bottle and sit down.

Flavor(12/20):  Little bit of roasty chocolate.  A little bit of lingering sweetness and solid bittering at the end.  It could stand a little hop flavor and bitterness, but as it is it isn’t too bad.

Mouthfeel (4/5):  Nicely full, but not overly so.

Overall (7/10):  Nice beer, but a little below what I want.

  1. andrew permalink

    What was your efficiency? Did you get it to improve?I got about 60% from their mill and that seems very low to me for biab.

    • Looks like I was on track for 60% efficiency into the boil so I added 100g DME. I actually have the calculation I went through to figure out how much to add in the “Notes” portion of the recipe and it looks like it led me to get pretty close to target (only 1 point high).

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