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Wee No ‘Tweener (Re-brew)

November 6, 2010

Wanting to make a good scotch ale, I decided to modify my Wee ‘Tweener instead of my Loch Ness.  For whatever reason, I’m not too impressed with the Loch Ness this time and think the Wee ‘Tweener has more promise (the judges from the Badger Brew-Off didn’t seem too impressed with my Loch Ness either…).

Brew Day (11/7/2010)

It was a good feeling to fill up my new MLT.  Making this higher gravity brew at 3.5 gallons as opposed to my typical 1 – 2 seemed like a good way to see what it’s capable of.


BeerSmith Recipe

First Impressions

This is just some of the things that jumped out at me initially.

Overall:  I’m really happy with this beer.  It might need some tweaking to be a good Scottish but I’m not exactly sure what.  Whether or not it’s a good example of the style though, it’s no doubt a good beer.

Appearance:  Very clear, with a really nice foamy head that clings a little to the glass.  Overall, I’m very happy with how it looks.

Aroma:  It’s been awhile since I smelled the “Scottish Ale smell,” so I’m not sure, but I don’t think this has it.  It is definitely a pleasant aroma, just not the one that I necessarily attribute to scottish ales.

Taste:  I’m really liking it so far.  There’s ever so slight alcohol to it (and I think it’s appropriate for the ABV (which is pretty subdued – for a wee heavy – but a tad higher than your standard beer).  Nice and smooth with some sweetness and good hop bittering.


I submitted this beer to The 19th Annual Happy Holiday Homebrew Competition and received scoresheets.  Overall, not as great as I was hoping, but I got some good feedback that I’ll try to incorporate into the follow-up.

Essentially, one judge noticed some higher (fusel) alcohols which is consistent with what I noticed but thought was appropriate.  Even at the time of writing it, I thought I might be rationalizing what I knew to be a legitimate problem.  The other judge noticed some oxidation issues.  Considering that I didn’t notice it and the more qualified judge didn’t either, I’m not sure how seriously to take this comment (though I don’t think I have much of a sensitivity to oxidation flavors).  Overall, I think I need to ferment this beer cooler and that it will suffer from higher alcohols until I do.

Final Impressions (3/12/2011)

Opened the final bottle on March 12th, 2011.

Overall, the beer isn’t as good as I remember.  I’m not sure if it just hasn’t aged well or what

Aroma:  An unpleasant vegetal flavor whiffs out when agitated and dissipates quickly.  Not much aroma to speak of once it goes away.

Appearance:  Very good clarity.  Nice small bubbles in the frothy, tan head.  Good head retention.  No lacing to speak of.  Probably too dark at a dark burgundy.

Flavor:  More bland than I remember.  Some sweet caramel, but faint and not much beyond that.

Overall:  Not so hot.  It’s certainly drinkable, but not something to savor.


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