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Black Butte Porter Clone Brew

November 28, 2010

Not satisfied with the progress my porters are making, I decided to attempt to clone Black Butte Porter and work from there.  I got the recipe from a Can You Brew It episode, so it should be pretty accurate.  It’ll just be a matter of seeing how well I pull it off.

It’s an interesting recipe in the amount of Wheat Malt along with Cara-Pils.  Also, I’m going to do a 3-step mash per the instructions along with a fly sparge (as opposed to batch as I usually do).  I’ll accomplish the fly sparge by using my bottling bucket as a hot liquor tank and setting it on the fridge.  With the MLT on the back of the stove, I should have a good 3-tier setup and it will hopefully lead to some better efficiency.


BeerSmith Recipe

Fly Sparge

Brew Day (11/28/10)

Turns out the fly sparge didn’t help efficiency that much.


This is my first beer to be kegged.  Not much else to say about that.


From memory ~17 days from final taste:  Hop/Malt balance clearly too far to the hop side for this.  I’m not interested in re-brewing this anytime soon.  I think my brown porter has much more promise and I’m not too big into cloning at the moment.


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