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Brown Ale Re-brew #2

January 9, 2011

3rd brewing of a brown ale.


BeerSmith Recipe

Brew Day (12/19/2010)

Brewed 4 days before leaving town for winter break.  Luckily primary appeared to be over before setting the house thermostat for 50.


As mentioned, fermentation went for 4 days at 68 F, followed by ~15 days at 50 F.  Primary wasn’t too vigorous, but noticeably trailed off after 2 – 3 days.  Sample at kegging read 1.020 final gravity which is significantly above the 1.012 that was expected, especially considering this is the 3rd pitch of this yeast.  Luckily I’m kegging and not bottling in case fermentation isn’t complete.


Kegged after one night of the temp back up to 68 F and sample for hydrometer read 62.6 F.

First Impressions

Only kegged for a couple days, but I was impatient and did some force carbonating (overshooting pressure, rocking, repeat) a few times and it seems adequate.  The resulting impression is a weak-ish porter (honestly pretty close to my best intended porter so far – which isn’t saying too much).  A couple ideas that have occurred to me to get this right:

1.  Make sure all the grains I use are UK-sourced.  I’ve heard the change in taste is noticeable and might make up for what I have (though I’m not too sure that the American vs. UK is the difference).

2.  Start with a nut brown recipe as a base.  Given that Ale Asylum’s Nut Brown Ale is really what I’m shooting for at this time, it might be more appropriate.  Of course there are no clones that I can find for this beer online, maybe Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown is close enough (or better).  I just happen to have this Samuel Smith, so I’ll get a chance to determine that before deciding.


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