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January 23, 2011

Contrary to my expectations, people actually seem to be hitting this site for information.  Since this particular topic seems to be the most popular, I’ll work on actually getting pictures and writing things up a little more clearly.  Stand by…


Sometime before Christmas 2010, I figured it was reasonable to start looking for a cheap freezer on Craigslist.  Along with a few other searches (temperature controller, etc.), I had “freezer” as an RSS feed and I would check it occasionally.  I soon learned that a reasonable-sized, good condition freezer could be had for $50.  After failing to talk a guy down from $100, finding a 5 cu. ft. one for $20 but finding the bottom was only 8″ wide (needs to be 9″ for a keg), and getting a $50, 14 cu. ft. freezer swiped from beneath me (the guy had agreed to sell it to me, but apparently his wife sold it to someone else later the same day), I found a nice ~7 cu. ft. one for $50 and pounced.  It was sort of lucky that I found it when I did, because I had taken advantage of a nice “free shipping” black friday sale at KegConnection to pick up a 2-keg system with a 5 lb. CO2 tank (their really cheap system only had 2.5#) and all the stuff came in the same week I got the freezer.  Also convenient (though it sort of worked out on time because I had the freezer), I finished Mr. Temperature Controller.   Though I had the foresight to get a 2-keg setup, I failed to get the system that comes with faucets.  I kicked myself later, when I had to buy them separately and pay about double what I would have if I would have got them with the initial set-up.  Not all is lost though, I suppose.  If I ever want to take a keg somewhere, I have the picnic taps and all that, and it gives me all I need (along with a bottle filler and stopper) to do cheap bottling from a keg using my keg->bottle setup.  This is not to mention the fact that I was able to get the nice Perlick 525SS faucets this way :), which does quite a bit to make up the difference in price between buying separate and getting with the kit.

The freezer itself is a Wood’s brand and nice and quiet.  During my research into freezers, I had found out that Wood’s was one of 3 companies that makes almost all freezers and they make some for major brand names, so although it sounds like an off-brand, I think it’s probably just as good as the big brand name ones.


In order to mount my purty Perlick’s, I needed a collar.  After some research (there’s no shortage of it online with respect to Keezers), I picked up some 1×10 poplar – cut to the right dimensions at the store – to make a collar on the keezer (2 @ 23 3/8″, 2 @ 21 3/8″).  The keezer is perfectly square, so you can see there’s no plan for any fancy miter work.  We picked out some nice maple-colored stain and the plan is to put some chalk board paint in the tap area to allow for labeling the beer at each tap (and maybe have some art area for the little one).  The plan is to place the taps starting at the right side to allow for expansion later without having to be concerned about symmetry (like I would if I’d placed them in the middle).

Pictures to follow…


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