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Mr. Temperature Controller

January 23, 2011

Ahh, I had high hopes for this; unfortunately component quality has made it not so viable.  I had used an old Motorola 6811 development board from school to control input from a thermistor salvaged from an old laptop battery and output to a(n) SSR.  Unfortunately it decided to stop working every so often, requiring a re-program of the on-board ROM.  Unfortunately this is a hassle, so I’ve turned over all temperature control to a Ranco ETC 1110000 and scrapped grand plans for dual temperature control for now.

Below are some highlights of the thing, but I don’t know that I’ll expand on it unless I get the itch and time again.

  • Combination of temperature controller using home thermostat and uC-based controller
  • Motorola 6811 Development Board – left over from microcontroller’s class
  • Thermistor from laptop battery encased in brass tube and epoxy, connected via telephone cord
  • 10 A SSR from Ebay
  • Radio Shack project box
  • Replaced by Ranco ETC 1110000

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