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Doppelbock Brew

April 5, 2011

Now that my Maibock is kegged, I need to put my Hella Bock yeast to work before it sits in the fridge too long.  I figure a standard dopplebock (as Maibock is a version of doppelbock) would be a nice darker, slightly higher alcohol, and slightly more bitter beer to step it up to.  Not sure where I’m going after this, but who cares?

This will probably have to be a partial mash to get the 1.070+ that I’d like.  I think I’ll tone down Jamil’s dopplebock recipe and just shoot for 1.070.  I really like how the alcohol is coming through in the Maibock, so I think that’s a nice sweet spot.

Also, the club provides free hops and I see they have 3 oz. of Hallertau Mittlefue, so I requested 2 oz. of it.  Apparently Mittlefue is the crème de la crème of the noble Hallertau variety, so I might as well jump on it and see how it turns out.  In the future it might be cool to try a more standard variety of Hallertau and see how much I can’t tell the difference.


BeerSmith Recipe

Brew Day (4/17/2011)

  • Secondary started boiling ~5 minutes after primary
  • Didn’t pre-heat MLT.  Checked use equipment in calculation in BeerSmith to get temp
  • Forgot to measure strike water => ~3.75 gal vs. ~3.4 & ~158 F vs. 155 F
  • Grains at top of MLT didn’t look well-crushed


Sample after almost 3 weeks:  1.028.  Understandably sweet and cloudy, but not bad.  I don’t notice any diacetyl or other flaws, but I’m not good at picking that stuff out anyway.

Sample after ~3 weeks, 2 days:  1.026.  Not much different in the taste department, but clearly still has some fermenting left to do.

Sample after just under 4 weeks:  1.024.  Doesn’t seem so sweet now, fairly clear.  I’m pretty sure fermentation is done by now, but since I haven’t had 2 consecutive readings the same, I’ll probably give it a few more days.


This beer actually placed 1st in the bock category at the 2011 Boneyard Brew-off!  I haven’t yet received the scoresheets, but I’m excited to see what they say.  I thought it was a pretty awesome brew, but not knowing bocks that well I wasn’t sure how it would do.  I have a 6-pack or so left, so I’d love to save enough to enter a higher-caliber competition down the road when it’s had proper time to age.  The bottles that won had only aged for less than 3 weeks.


I was a little surprised to see the scores (36 & 38), but the comments were almost all positive.  Except for some haze, I don’t think they really had a problem with it.  Both commented that it was “well done”.


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