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Alt & Maibock Bottling

April 11, 2011

Noticing my Maibock and Dusseldorf Alt being carbonated pretty well along with my rapid consumption of both, I decided it wise to bottle a 6-pack and a 22 oz. (a.k.a. bomber) of each.  My tendency is to save a bomber for several months (usually until I’m low on everything else) to get one last impression of a beer.  Lately I’ve also wanted to save off a sizable amount (at least a 6-pack) of the good batches to share whenever an opportunity presents itself.

I started with the Maibock and it went pretty well for the first couple (the bomber going first), but I ran into trouble on the last 5 or so.  I let it fill to the top with some foam squeezing out, but it just kept gushing after I removed the filler.  It wasn’t until I was setting up for the Alt that I realized I was bottling with pressure up around 10 PSI.  I dropped it down for the alt (by closing the check valve and venting a little from the keg) and things worked really well.  I think all of my alt bottles are filled really well, while I have a few Maibock bottles that are a little low.  I’ll have to make sure and drink them early.

I want to bottle at least another 6-pack of the Maibock to age, but I want to see how the carbonation holds up with these first few.  Once I’m satisfied that they’re good, I’ll bottle some more, hopefully to enjoy next spring.


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