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ESB Yeast Test Brew #2

July 23, 2011

I’m getting ready to brew my follow-on for the yeast test.  This will actually be the brew that will test what I wanted to in the first place:  a pitch straight from the pack vs. a re-pitch of the same type.  After my initial brew to get the re-pitchable yeast, I’m pretty excited about this one.  I’m planning on going no-sparge with it, but otherwise it will be almost completely the same (as much as possible at least).  Between these two brews, I’m hoping to get quite a wealth of information about different ingredients and processes:

  1. The impact of pitching from a pack vs. re-pitching
  2. A comparison of an ESB using an english ale yeast (Wyeast 1968) and an american ale yeast (Wyeast 1056).
  3. The impact of no-sparge

Given that a person doesn’t want to change more than one variable at a time, I think this is a pretty good list for only 2 brews (I even bought the grain from the same place and used the same mill for both brews).  Also, these 2 brews can give me some sort of feel for how consistent my process is.  Of course it will only be able to highlight pretty coarse differences since there are inherent differences between the brews, but I think coarse is good enough for now.


BeerSmith Recipe / Brewsheet

Brew Day (7-24-11)

  • Need 15 mL re-pitch for 1 gallon @ 1.056
  • Can innoculate ~1.1 gallon @ 1.056 with 1 pack produced May 9, 2011
  • Going to overpitch from pack (1 gal vs. 1.1) => increasing pitch for other by ~11% to 16.5 mL

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