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ESB 10 Gallon Brew

October 6, 2011

So I’ve been loving my latest ESBs and I’ve just generally been going through my beers pretty quickly, so I’m gonna try to make my first 10-gallon batch next.  I didn’t really do anything to my recipe except scale it up.


BeerSmith Recipe / Brewsheet


  • Need to get foam control
  • Didn’t have enough CaCl to treat all water.  Only ended up with about half as much as I needed for 4 gallons => only about 1/4 what I needed total.
  • Ended up adding just as much gypsum, though.  Hopefully it’s not too hop accentuated.

Badger Brew-Off Results

My best score of the three entered:  37.5.  Surprisingly, neither really noted a hot alcohol though one noted “some alcohol warmth.”  I was also surprised that what I thought was over-hopped, they thought was under-hopped.

First judge:  Scored it a 39 – “refreshing, drinkable well-made beer – I could see drinking a pint.  bravo!”  Thought it needed more hop aroma and “finish body” to add character, though.

Second judge:  Scored it 36 – “Overall an enjoyable beer that is true to the sytle guideline.  Higher hopping rates I think would help improve the beer.”  Noticed diacetyl that was too high.

Upper Mississippi Mashout Results

Assigned Score:  26.5

Judge 1:  29 – this guy is actually a Grand Master II, so I’m pretty happy to get some feedback from him.  Especially since it seems consistent with what I thought (somewhat as opposed to my takeaways from the BBO feedback).  Generally he liked the beer, but noted phenols that “distract.”  So, I need to keep on top of sanitation.  He thought it could use more malt “quality.”  By that, I’ll assume he means it needs to be bigger.  That conclusion seems to be supported by the comment to “boost all grist elements by 5 – 8%.”  He also felt the flavor and aroma hop additions were lost, also suggesting to “boost mid & late boil hops by 5 – 8% to increase hop aroma and flavor.”  Similar to the BBO judges (though they weren’t explicit about it), this guy felt that the balance was slightly to the bitter and the “finish is hop-harsh.”  I think what the BBO judges meant was what this guy suggested:  increase the flavor and aroma contribution of the hops.

Judge 2:  24 – Also said it “was missing on aroma.”  In this case – based on later comments – he wanted more hop– and grain-contributed aromas.  Felt that the color was too light indicating “no body, too little flavor.”  Also felt the bitterness was “metallic.”


Takeaways:  Increase the grist and flavor & aroma hop additions for the next try.

Last Bottle?

Highly carbonated and definitely noticing the phenols now.  I actually think they’ve been there for a while (i.e. it’s not just an age issue) and I just didn’t know what to call it, though it’s probably worse now.


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