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Irish Red Brew

June 14, 2012

I now have some German Ale yeast that I don’t want to waste.  A quick search leads some people think it’s appropriate for an Irish Red.  Not having any particular affinity for a red, I figure it will be fine to make with the “wrong” yeast as long as it turns out good to drink.


BeerSmith Recipe

Brew Day (6/24/12)

Mostly unremarkable outside of the heat and humidity.  When the weather is nice, I forget why I think brewing is so physically draining.  It’s days like this that remind me.

One notable event was the hop bill.  I knew I wasn’t going to have enough Fuggles, so I decided I’d throw what ever else I felt like from the freezer the day of.  This turned out to be 1 oz. of Fuggle plugs, 14 g of Kent Goldings, and 7 g of Mt. Hood.

  • 1/2 cup yeast repitch


Put in 60 F keezer for vigorous portion of primary fermentation.  Was very active the following morning, similar to – but much less vigorous than – the Alt I got the repitch from.  I had a blowoff tube set up and I think some stuff got up into it, but overall it probably wouldn’t have been as messy as the Alt.

After about 4 days, activity had slowed substantially (though the krausen was still pretty high) so I moved it to a 63 F tub of ~10 gallons of water.  Let it warm to whatever ambient temperature (likely mid-70s) to finish primary and secondary before kegging.


While certainly drinkable, I didn’t find it too hard to keep this beer around for a month or so after it was ready to serve in the keg.  Something was just a bit “off”.  While it was a good way to get some re-use out of my German Ale yeast, I don’t think I’ll brew it with that yeast again.


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