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Gelatin Fining

October 13, 2013

Steps gleaned from several other online blogs for using gelatin to clear beer post-fermentation:

  • Add 1 T gelatin (~1/2 pack of Knorr’s) to 2/3 C room temp water, let “bloom” (i.e., sit and allow gelatin to hydrate by absorbing water) for ~20 minutes
  • Heat to ~150° in microwave to get the gelatin to dissolve
  • Add to chilled fermenter/keg

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  1. Sounds about right. I actually take it to 180ºF for the sake of pasteurization. If I’m feeling keen I’ll hold it there for 10 minutes but most times I just get it to temp and let it sit for a bit. I’ve also had success with only 10 minutes for the blooming stage only because that’s what I read online initially as well. In any case, works like a charm for me to clarify beer!

    • Not a bad idea (sitting at 180F). I actually boiled the water prior to adding the gelatin (in the pyrex measuring cup that I ended up mixing it all in) and let it cool back to room temp to help with sanitation. I figured the gelatin was probably pretty safe out of the pouch, but it couldn’t hurt.

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