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Ed Wort’s Apfelwine

March 9, 2014

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while since it seems so simple, but I finally got around to brewing the famous Ed Wort’s Apfelwine.  Well known on the homebrewtalk forums, I’ve read that this is supposed to be sort of a dry, less sweet cider.


Beersmith Recipe (NOTE:  1 lb. apple juice is really 1 gallon)

“Brew” Day (3/8/14)

I picked up 2 half-gallon jugs of Trader Joe’s pure Mcintosh apple juice and a packet of Montrachet wine yeast.  After cleaning and sanitizing one of my 1-gallon glass jugs (from back in the day when this blog started and I was brewing 1 gallon at a time) and a funnel, I added half a jug of apple juice.  Into the remaining half jug, I added about 4 oz. of corn sugar, shook the heck out of it, and added it to the fermenter.  I repeated the process with the second jug, only adding ~2 oz. of corn sugar.  Before adding the last half jug however, I added about 1 gram of the yeast and used the last bit of apple juice to rinse as much of the yeast as I could that had stuck to the funnel.  They were stuck pretty good, so I lost a bit, but I don’t think it will make too much of a difference.


Considering my house averages about 62°, I set up a cooler with my aquarium heater to keep the fermenter at 71° for the duration.  After about a day, fermentation was noticeable with some good airlock activity and quite a rate of bubbles running up inside the juice.

Steady activity for a couple of weeks before dying down.  Pulled out of the rubbermaid after just less than 4 weeks (3 weeks, 6 days).  Final Gravity:  1.000 => ~7% ABV.


I’m not a wine guy.  Despite my best efforts, I’ve never been able to develop a taste.  This however, while having a very wine-like character, is subdued enough for me to enjoy.  It’s very dry, a little astringent.  No mistaking it came from apple juice, but it in no way tastes like the juice it started out as.  The remaining apple is just an impression, a faint reminder of the source.


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