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Fall 2014 Scotch Ale

October 11, 2014

Wanting to make use of harvested yeast from my latest ESB brew, I will step up in color and alcohol to a strong scotch ale.  I was surprised to learn that my prior brew of a scotch ale reverted to a version of my recipe that wasn’t the latest without discussing why.  I did an experiment apparently in spring 2012 where I significantly increased the amount of Munich malt in the recipe (from ~20% to ~32%) but I didn’t properly evaluate its affect and ended up going back to a version with significantly less Munich.  I think I’ll go ahead and repeat the “experiment” this time.  The “experiment” was likely just me trying to get more Munich from a bulk buy into the recipe, but I would like to evaluate it nevertheless.


Beersmith Brewsheet / Recipe

Brew Day (10/12/2014)

  • Added grains first, then water from HLT up from bottom.  Mixed as it filled
  • Hit 156° right on using Beersmith’s “Adjust Temp for Equipment”, despite pre-warming the MLT with ~140° water.


  • Re-pitched ~1/2 Cup per fermentor (target was more like 2/3 C per MrMalty for 1.071 beer, but I only had about 1C available)
  • Rubbermaid with aquarium heater @ 67°
  • No activity the next morning
  • Krausen building by following evening
  • High activity for about 1 day following (from ~24 – 48 hours from pitching)
  • Significant reduction in activity and dissipation of krausen after that.  Looking on the top of the beer looked like thick sludge with a lot of little bubbles popping the surface.  Pretty sure it was just the lighting in a new location.  This continued for 2+ days (very little airlock activity, but lots of tiny bubbles bursting on the surface).
  • After 4 days and greatly reduced activity, bumped up heater a few degrees and agitated

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