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Belgian Dubbel

June 6, 2015


Recipe / Brewsheet

Dough in: 11:50 @ 149°F
Lauter End:  1:15
Pre-boil:  12.25 Brix
Boil Start:  1:33
Gravity after 30 minutes:  13.25 Brix
Hops:  38g Tettnang @4.8%
Gravity after 60 minutes:   13.50 Brix
Flameout:  3:06
<140:  3:15
<100:  6:26
<80:  10:07
<70:  14:31
Stop @67 :  17:33
OG: 16.25 Brix (1.067)
FG: 1.011
ABV: 7.35%
Apparent Attenuation: 83%


Trouble keeping Rubbermaid cool in garage with ice packs, so moved to keezer after a day. Was ~66° in the Rubbermaid, dropped to 64°in keezer. Started ramping up temperature after 3 or 4 days and airlock activity slowed down. Ramped up to 70°over ~4 days. Put back in Rubbermaid in garage after ~8 days, maintaining 72°.

Sample after ~10 days: 1.017. Boozy aroma, but not in flavor. Sweet.

Sample after 14 days: 1.015. Still pretty boozy, but drier, not sweet and noticed the alcohol in the flavor.

Sample after 18 days:  1.011.  Pretty surprised it dropped so much, the airlock didn’t seem to be doing anything anymore for at least a couple of days.  Flavor and aroma not so much different from before.  Booze might be a little more subdued.

Crashed after 3 weeks, 2 days prior to leaving town.

Kegged after 4 weeks.


Initial (Flat in keg @ 32°):  dry, rummy flavor.  No strong alcohol as I noticed in warm samples.  Time will tell if it induces headaches at volume, but drinking ~4 oz. or so has not.  Same umami undertone as my other beers.  While visiting West Sixth Brewing in Lexington, KY I noticed the same.  They claim it’s intentional in their Brown due to some nut addition (hazelnut?) but I also noticed it in their schwartzbier.

Carbonated (~1.5 weeks from kegging):  Loving this beer.  A little hazy.  A little more alcohol, not quite as drinkable when warm (though not “harsh”).  Want to keg a 12-pack for long-term storage and a 6-pack for competition.  I’d really like to see how others perceive it.


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