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Fall 2015 ESB Brew

July 17, 2015

Alright, this definitely didn’t happen when I expected it to.  I’ve taken quite the break from brewing, ’cause honestly it’s kind of a lot of work and it’s been more of a chore lately.  It feels like it’s been long enough now, and the weather’s good, that I’ll try to pick it up again.  Instead of trying to juggle two starters with one stir plate – like I was going for with my comments below – I think I’ll stick with a 5-gallon batch and use the WLP002.

While the Dubbel & Dark Strong experiences have been fun, I think I need a good house beer brew.  ESB is the obvious go-to, but unlike previous brews, I think I want to make this a little drier (probably because of the Belgian beer immersion I’ve been in).  I typically use the Wyeast 1968, partly because I liked the residual sweetness it gave me.  Now I think I want to try something different.  In fact, it seems like it would be fun to do a 10-gallon batch and pitch 5 gallons with 1968 (or White Lab’s equivalent – WLP002) and the other 5 gallons with a test yeast that’s supposed to attenuate more.

Wow, there a lot of White Labs english ale yeasts!  I think I’m down to WLP006 – Bedford Ale Yeast (in-season now), WLP007 – Dry English Ale Yeast, and WLP085 – English Ale blend.  These are all the ones – in season now (WLP039 – East Midlands Ale Yeast also sounds viable, but is only available in fall) – that have high attenuation.  I think I’ll just have to go into the shop and pick from the ones available.  I’m not sure if I can count on any particular one being around, but I think I have presented them in my order of preference (006->007->085) in case more than one is available.

I think I’ll just re-use my latest ESB recipe.


Recipe / Brewsheet

Brew day (10/25/15)

  • pre-boil gravity:  13.75 Brix
  • <140° F – 3:16
  • <100° F – 6:50
  • <80° F – 11:26
  • <70° F – 17:31

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