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Spunding Valve Build

July 24, 2015

I’ve been wanting to build a spunding valve for a while now.  At least since I was trying to carbonate with gyle, but finally got most everything collected when I started brewing Belgians.  Once I started thinking about how to age my Belgian Dark Strong, I finally felt the urgency to get the final piece – a flare-to-npt coupler.  I had to resort to eBay and hope against hope that what I was buying would fit the bill, but luckily it (mostly) did.  There was a bit of a lip inside the flare end that I ground down with a Dremel tool, but otherwise got everything to fit pretty snuggly.

Most of the parts I got from a local second-hand gadget store.  It’s been a pretty awesome place for various electronics projects I’ve done and I happened to find a 0-30 PSI valve with a T coupling (pictures to come).  Once I was able to connect the gas quick disconnect to the T (with the coupler from eBay), I was finally set.


Before using on an actual brew, I want to test the gauge accuracy and ability for the contraption to hold pressure:

~8:45 Friday morning:  charge keg to 20 PSI per regulator.  Spunding gauge reads 20 PSI as well (on the high side of the line).


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