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ESB Summer 2016

July 10, 2016

Finally getting around to brewing.  Just duplicating what I did most recently except for using London Ale Yeast (WLP013, I think…).

Brewsheet / Recipe

Brew Day (7/10/2016)

Cool down

<140°: ‎2:49.06
<100°: ‎3:36.46
<80°: ‎  4:‎47.34
Stop at 72°@ 16:01.62


Fermented for 2 weeks, temperature controlled at 70 for the first week, ~75 for the second.  Starter looked great when pitched and resulted in steady fermentation for a few days before dropping off suddenly (as expected).  A little bit of blowoff (that was luckily prepared for).


Pretty typical Portland ESB for me (i.e., what I expect from my ESB brews in Portland).  A little “muddy” making me think I may be suffering from too pure water.  While it’s great to have a blank slate when brewing, it can’t necessarily be left alone and result in the beer I want.  I think I need to play with some mineral additions in the future and see if I can get the crispness I’m missing.

I should really try a pilsner some time…


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