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ESB Spring 2018

May 19, 2018

While I’m not super happy with how my beers are turning out, they’ve been drinkable, so I’m going back to 10 gallon batches. Just dusting off a somewhat old recipe here for the old standby.


Recipe / Brewsheet

Brew Day (6/10/18):

Using 4 pints of starter wort from my canned starter brew. Missing my Erlenmeyer since move last summer and couldn’t get the stir plate to not throw the bar on the curved bottom of a 1 gallon jug so I resorted to two separate administrations of a few seconds of oxygenation followed by intermittent shaking. After each side of oxygen, I let the jug sit undisturbed for 30+ minutes before shaking.

Pre-boil:. 1.051

Cool down:

  • <140°F: 5:18
  • <100°F: 5:03
  • <80°F: 6:00
  • ~70°F: 6:12

OG: 1.056

Not looking like I got proper boil off, though the surface was certainly turning over. I guess with double the volume, it needs to be more vigorous to get the same percentage. I need to refresh my memory on how that’s desirable. Naively, a constant vigorous-ness is what you want for color and flavor development – such that there is in the boil – but that will lead to a constant boil off volume. I recall a constant percentage being desirable, though.

Beyond the low O.G., I had quite a bit of leftover wort in the kettle after filling the kegs. I saved a liter for gyle but ended up collecting an additional 1+ gallons of clear wort that I dumped. I’ll need to do some calculations to see how much was too low a boil-off and how much was too much into the kettle. I ended up adding a gallon or so of water after the lauter.


Pitched at 6:30 on brew day from starter.

In Rubbermaid cooler at 70°F setup with blowoff tubes.

Slow bubbling after 12 hours, ramping to rising krausen and rapid bubbling in<24 hours. After 36 hours, blowing off.

Awesome, characteristic ESB aroma.

Sample after 6 days: 1.013. light color, just a shade darker than straw. Light caramel flavor, warming alcohol.


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